Tuesday, July 11, 2017

07102017 Rain makes out door contacting hard

Well this week has been good! We still have had a lot of cancelled appointments and people that are too busy to meet, but we got in contact with a less active that connected with Elder Han. He had never worked with a Korean missionary before. So we met him several times this week. We have read some scriptures with him and set goals to get him to come back to church. It is cool to see somebody who knows he can be doing better realize it and try to change! So he is planning on coming to church when he can, read a chapter from the book of Mormon every day, etc. Super exciting!

It has been pretty hot and humid and rainy this week which makes talking to people a little harder, because there are less people outside and they want to talk less! But we have met some cool people this week! 

Our companionship is pretty great this week. We get a long well. I think we have come to understand each other pretty well. I feel like the companionship has been a success this transfer :)
I feel like throughout life and throughout a mission I have come to realize how precious this gospel is. It changes everything. It brings a purpose to life. It expands our understanding. It turns us outward and upward. I owe everything to this gospel and my parents who planted it in my heart! 
See you all soon!
Elder Sabey

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