Thursday, July 6, 2017

04092017 BYU Professor taught about Korean religions

Well we had zone conference this week! It was good. Definitely my favorite part was the AP's did a role play thing of different proselyting situations, once with Americans in English and then with Koreans in Korean. So the Koreans just had to copy everything the Americans did. So they would always pause in awkward positions with funny faces and the Koreans had to copy them! It was pretty funny, but at the same time showed how talking to people should be more natural and fun! We talked about problem solving. How in talking with people, teaching, learning Korean, we need to be involved in the process of problem solving. thinking about how we can improve. Why things do work or don't work, and just solve our problems.

We also had a BYU professor talk to us about religions in Korea. It felt like I was back at BYU again. His lecture was super interesting, talking mainly about Confucianism and Shamanism and how 100% of Koreans still practice those in some way. His whole point in the end was how all of these different beliefs do things that we can connect with and build on, like prayer, honoring and doing things for ancestors, caring about family, having order by seniority (like high counsels) etc. Super interesting. I don't know how much it will really improve missionary work, but I do think that it helps me understand Korea a little better! And was fascinating!

Sad news is that 2 of the people who had baptismal dates aren't really responding to our texts and stuff right now :( So we will see how that goes. But the family we are teaching seems to be doing awesome. They came on Saturday morning for conference... but sadly the electricity in the church wasn't working completely, so there was no internet. So all the members went home and watched at their house, so our investigators had to go home as well. But they came! We taught them with the relief society president this week. It was good. They have so many thoughts and questions about priesthood, women, sexism, etc. but are very willing to listen to our thoughts and are accepting. 

Conference was amazing. Maybe it is just that I am a missionary, but I really felt like every talk was amazing. My favorites were Elder Uchtdorfs "perfect love casteth out all fear" and Elder Christofferson's "the voice of warning." Any other favorites?
I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

Hey mom, random questions! Are Brian and Dia pregnant again? How is David and Danielle's pregnancy going? Josh and Sarah are not right?
Also I got the package! Thank you!!!!
Elder Sabey

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