Thursday, July 6, 2017

03262017 The week of Mom's birthday

Well, Mom's birthday is in like 2 days right? I am so thankful for all that she has done for me! So a few memories. I remember one time when I kind of was a little mean to mom and she just stopped and said "what's going on, this doesn't seem like you." or something like that. I just appreciated that she assumed the best of me and was calm and helped me learn! I remember coming home everyday to mom asking me how my day was, and although my response was normally "fine." She was always there wanting me to talk! (sorry mom) I remember eye contact, meditation, workouts, first things first, etc. The great lessons mom taught us!

I don't know what I can do or say to thank mom for all that she has done for me. I know one of the best ways is to be working hard here in Korea. So I guess I will just tell a few of the awesome things that happened this week! But know Mom that my belief, my desire to serve a mission, and all the blessings in my life are because of you and Dad. I am truly eternally grateful and eternally indebted!

We are all doing well! My companion is awesome! Language is okay, but he works super hard and is so faithful I love it! My zone is great. We have a bunch of amazing missionaries! I feel like I have no worries! How was missionary work in India? Spring...There are a lot of Cherry blossoms, but it will still be little bit till they start coming out!

So this week we met Brother Daniel again. We talked about giving time to both sides. I talked about a movie I watched in French and Italian Cinema and about a scene I wrote a paper one, about this girl who rejects the modern boy and culture for the old. My companion told about another less active he worked with. Brother Daniel opened up a little and talked about how maybe it was coming to Korea that started the whole thing, because there is no connection to a community. He feels isolated. So we asked him what he would be willing to do and he committed to start praying every day again. So that was just awesome!

Then we met with MoonSungHo and his family. They had a lot of questions but when we talked about Joseph Smith and how our goal is to help people get answers to their prayers. She was kind of excited by the idea that she could get an answer as well! So that was exciting.

Then we met with our Chinese investigator and he doesn't have much religious background. So he is pretty open to everything. Anyway, we gave him a baptismal date and he is pretty open to it! So this week was just full of miracles! :)

So my spiritual thought is simple. Like Dad emailed me this week, God is leading this work. Yesterday I had a meeting with the stake presidency and our mission presidency, and I thought it was in a different building. We ended up leaving early, and I randomly checked the text about the meeting and realized I was going to the wrong place. Had to rush to turn around and go back to the subway and get going to where I needed to. The timing was perfect on everything with buses and everything. So I was only 8 minutes late! It really was a blessing! And we met 2 cool people on the subway while we were going to the wrong place! God is involved and leading this work!! Even when I am stupid and don't read a text completely! haha
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

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