Thursday, July 6, 2017

06042017 Last Transfer

My week was pretty good! We had transfer calls and I am getting transferred to AnYang! My new companion will be Elder Hunsaker again and elder Han. President wants me to help elder 한 with his attitude and efforts and stuff... So it should be an interesting transfer! I really do feel like God  inspires president  with companions and transfers, so I am excited for this last transfer! 

YoonHaeYoung will get baptized on the 18th. She also wants to get baptized with her son. So they both will get baptized! The husband said he still needs more time. Also we met with SongMeanGyu. He is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend. The bishops daughter is not super strong in the church. So when we met, Elder Carter (we were on exchanges) taught the last part of the lessons while I talked with her. She understands that this is a big responsibility for her. So I think we will proceed with the Baptism on the 11th. She is committed to improve, and she wants to strengthen each other. So for the next two weeks we will be coming back for baptisms!!! Pretty exciting right?

Well I am so thankful to be serving here in Korea. As I start contemplating leaving I realize I do love here. The people, the culture, and I hope I can do something to stay connected to Korea!
This gospel, if accepted changes people's lives. And would change the world. I hope all will honestly consider our message and that my life can be committed to helping this world accept its message!
Hurrah for Israel
Elder Sabey

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