Tuesday, July 11, 2017

07102017 Rain makes out door contacting hard

Well this week has been good! We still have had a lot of cancelled appointments and people that are too busy to meet, but we got in contact with a less active that connected with Elder Han. He had never worked with a Korean missionary before. So we met him several times this week. We have read some scriptures with him and set goals to get him to come back to church. It is cool to see somebody who knows he can be doing better realize it and try to change! So he is planning on coming to church when he can, read a chapter from the book of Mormon every day, etc. Super exciting!

It has been pretty hot and humid and rainy this week which makes talking to people a little harder, because there are less people outside and they want to talk less! But we have met some cool people this week! 

Our companionship is pretty great this week. We get a long well. I think we have come to understand each other pretty well. I feel like the companionship has been a success this transfer :)
I feel like throughout life and throughout a mission I have come to realize how precious this gospel is. It changes everything. It brings a purpose to life. It expands our understanding. It turns us outward and upward. I owe everything to this gospel and my parents who planted it in my heart! 
See you all soon!
Elder Sabey

Thursday, July 6, 2017

07022017 Mini MTC

Well the highlight of the week might have been the "Mini MTC" on Sunday. It is kind of a long story but it was a little stressful and we got 8000 flyers a week before we had an orchestra concert thing at our church. So this past week we had to try to give out a bunch of flyers (mainly just to please our ward mission leader.) Anyway, we had the mini MTC after church and before the concert. So for like and hour and a half we trained the youth and then we went out with them and talked with people. The first part went pretty well. I talked about bearing testimony. And how it is important to bear sincere testimony. For example maybe you cannot say I know the Book of Mormon is true, but you can say I believe it is true, or you can say as I have gone to church and read the Book of Mormon I have learned a lot or felt peace in my life. Bearing honest testimony is important! 

And then I went out with the Priest Quorum president. He is going to be an amazing missionary! We got 4 numbers and as we started turning back I told him, let's bring somebody to the church to do a tour. So we started inviting people to come with us and an old came came. We gave a quick tour and he stayed for the concert! A cool miracle! Not to mention that it rained a lot in the morning and the evening but not at all during the activity!

School is getting out so these next two weeks we should be able to meet with quite a few new people. The way things are looking is my last few weeks will mainly be finding and meeting people for the first time, which is a great way to end! haha

One thing I have felt through out my mission is that there are so many good people. They are striving to do what they think is best. Missionaries are the same. Companions are too. So often we get angry or frustrated or any other negative feeling because of differences. But the more we see peoples desires/ true self the more we understand them and love them! I have judged other missionaries for disobedience or focusing on things that I deem less important. But the older I get in the mission the more I just appreciate other missionaries and understand and love the people we meet and the people who reject us. 
Hurrah for Israel!

06252017 Last Zone Conference Last Words

Last Zone conference~!


06112017 Baptism

Anyway this week was good! I really like both of my companions. The one that "needs help" I think is awesome. He is a little feminine, but I don't care. He is willing to work and is fun! It is also fun to be reunited with elder Hunsaker. This ward was recently combined. So like 3 wards combined so it feels american. More that 200 people come to church on Sundays is a huge building. And because they have so many people we have 2 ward mission leaders. One for investigators and one for less actives. The one who is over investigators is kind of scary... and them missionaries have felt some distrust from him and felt a lot of pressure. So we talked to president about some of the things he does and he said he should not do those things. So Elder Fleming and I talked with him on Sunday. It was super intense. He got a little frustrated but in the end we communicated well and ended positively. Then I went to SongMeanGyu's baptism! It was fun to be there and see my ward again! And I will go back down on Saturday for YoonHaeYoung's baptism! 

The baptism was pretty simple. It was their ward conference so they had a super delicious meal and then those who wanted to stay went to the baptism. The talks were simple but powerful. How this path is not easy but if you go forward you will be made into the type of person God wants you to be. The bishop was really happy and thanked me and the other missionaries in the talk several times. So it was just good. :) 

In my new area we are don't have a bunch of investigators but that is okay!! we will be working hard on finding!!
Well my thoughts recently have been pretty simple. Working hard is the key to most anything. Work hard to repent, work hard to play sports, work hard to find investigators. When we work hard God makes up the difference!!
Hurrah for Israel!

06042017 Last Transfer

My week was pretty good! We had transfer calls and I am getting transferred to AnYang! My new companion will be Elder Hunsaker again and elder Han. President wants me to help elder 한 with his attitude and efforts and stuff... So it should be an interesting transfer! I really do feel like God  inspires president  with companions and transfers, so I am excited for this last transfer! 

YoonHaeYoung will get baptized on the 18th. She also wants to get baptized with her son. So they both will get baptized! The husband said he still needs more time. Also we met with SongMeanGyu. He is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend. The bishops daughter is not super strong in the church. So when we met, Elder Carter (we were on exchanges) taught the last part of the lessons while I talked with her. She understands that this is a big responsibility for her. So I think we will proceed with the Baptism on the 11th. She is committed to improve, and she wants to strengthen each other. So for the next two weeks we will be coming back for baptisms!!! Pretty exciting right?

Well I am so thankful to be serving here in Korea. As I start contemplating leaving I realize I do love here. The people, the culture, and I hope I can do something to stay connected to Korea!
This gospel, if accepted changes people's lives. And would change the world. I hope all will honestly consider our message and that my life can be committed to helping this world accept its message!
Hurrah for Israel
Elder Sabey

05282017 Interviews with President

My week was good! We had interviews with president, and that whole day I did evaluations with missionaries which are good but not very fun. I went on exchanges with Elder Lee where we met a less active. He is kind of confrontational but enjoyed talking with us... So although he didn't like that his mom had us come over to talk to him, by the end we had to tell him we had to go. I hope I see him again! I think when we are passionate about things people open up! We talked about education and religion and stuff, but as we talk about things I was passionate he got involved in the conversation.

윤하영 and 문성호 committed to start coming to church beginning next week! We had an awesome lesson with them. They listened to a lot of what I had to say (which is kind of surprising...) haha They even asked what their son has to do to get baptized. I was able to express my love for them and they were able to feel it (I think.) 

I have been reading Ether. I love the Brother of Jared. Elder Bednar talked about the stones turning to lights. How after seeing enough evidence of his faith he couldn't help but break through the veil. I loved that. So I am starting a new plan called "operation break the veil" Where I ask for gods help with specific things every day. I also commit to do things everyday. So as I do what I committed to God to do, God will bless me and I will eventually have enough evidence to break the veil! (well at least see the hand of god in my life... haha) So Operation Break the Veil. Objective- seeing the hand of God. Pretty exciting right? haha I actually am excited!

Anyway i love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

05212017 Baptism

Well... not my baptism the other team's baptism, but it is still a super cool story! There is a lady in our ward who is somewhat less active. She calls herself and her kids "fake" members... but I think she does have a testimony. She and her husband have been living separately. But they are getting back together and in the process he asked for a priesthood blessing and that was like 2 and a half weeks ago. The bishop and the other Elders went and gave a blessing, the Bishop said he should get baptized and in like 2 and a half weeks he got baptized! It was crazy... I was able to do the interview. I asked if he had ever committed a serious sin... and he said "yes" I was like oh shoot... we are going to have to cancel the baptism and I was scared... Anyway he went on and said that leaving his family was a serious sin. It was actually a very tender moment. And he got baptized yesterday! 

Plus we had 3 investigators come. MoonSungHo and YoonHaeYoung and SongMeanGyu. So that was awesome! We were also able to skype you all which is always awesome and goes way too fast! And We went to the temple, for the last time in Korea. It was good as always! :) So overall just a good uplifting week! Plus I have started scheduling an hour a day planning what I will do you mom and dad and Matt when they come! lol

I have been starting to read the conference talks from this last general conference. I really love the idea of being motivated by a love for God not by fear of punishment. I feel like I need to feel a greater love for Christ. Any ideas on how to increase a love for Christ?? Big question I know!!

I have thought about happiness a lot as well! I think 7 is just a go to answer for me... hahaha. I don't think 10 is possible... Anyway and missionary work is not easy and there are always hard things. But there is a knowledge that I am doing what God wants me to do! So that is a deep satisfaction!  And I agree when we let go and trust in God, the result, and the stress often go away!! The hard work does not thought hahaha

I am excited to see your documentary as well!
 Love you all!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

05142017 Mothers Day and waiting to skype

Well this week was a good week! We had a couple good lessons. The first was with MoonSungHo. His wife couldn't come so it was just him. We invited a return missionary, because he wanted to ask questions to a Korean Member. But he wanted an older member, closer to his age (age is really important in Korean) So it started with him being a little defensive or protective or something. But throughout the lesson the member just nailed it. Was realistic, played his role as a younger person well, and then just was able to answer questions. Anyway, he talked about how his parents said as long as your church isn't protestant christian it is okay! So how that is hard to change since it is deeply engraved in him... But he said he would pray at the end, and prayed for the strength to change, so that was pretty awesome!

Then we also had another meeting with SongMeanGyu, the bishops daughter's boyfriend. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on repentance. Taught the law of chastity, word of wisdom, and law of tithing. So big lesson. We emphasized the temple and preparing for that. He understood all of the purposes and believes that they are real... he just feels it will be hard. So we just said try it out and see how it goes. We invited him to pray for strength and understanding. He agreed and said he will try! So I really hope he takes it seriously and it will strengthen his girlfriend as well! Pray for that!

Well we will talk in just a little. So I don't have a lot to say... but I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

05072017 Talking when I didn't really want to and seeing the miracle

This week there were some pretty awesome things that happened!

First a simple blessing. We were taking the bus somewhere and I had to reply to some texts, so I did that before talking to anybody. But after you sit down for a little it makes it harder to talk to people. So I was like... well now I only have a few stops left... but I knew I had to talk. So I talked to the guy sitting in the row in front of me. He started talking, and he asked if I was serving in the GokBanJung ward. I was like, yeah! How did you know it was in GokBanJung? He said he used to come to English class but doesn't have time. So I said we can do a different English program, got his phone number and will hopefully meet. It was just cool because after not wanting to talk, I just forced myself to talk and the first guy knew our church, missionaries, and was pretty willing to meet!

Next, we had 4 investigators at church! The first (I guess not technically an investigator) was kind of funny. This guy we all recognized, but couldn't place where we knew him walked into church. We said hi, but he just walked in an sat down. So I thought maybe he is a less active, or something. Anyway a member asked him why he came. He said to find out about the church. Then the member asked how he knew about it. He said "Elder Sabey." I was like shoot man, I don't know who he is!! So we realized he was a guy we met on the street. He was a little weird and wrote down our number in a notebook. And that was like a month and a half ago. But he came to church! The other is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend. And the other two are the couple we are teaching! So it was a very busy day!!

Also we had a mission tour with Elder Yamashita this week. He is a super energetic and fun person. I think he is my favorite of our area presidency.... (I'm not sure if I am allowed to say that...) Anyway, he emphasized obedience, and following missionary leaders, specifically our mission president. Understanding and following his vision for the mission. Just uplifting, fun, and meaningful.

So my spiritual thought for the week is from a talk I read by Elder Gong. How in the church "we each grow through our imperfect participation." So although we are imperfect, God had given me power and authority. God promises he will work through our imperfection and that we through participating we will grow! That is how I feel in this work and in this church!!

Fun fact about Korea. The school year ends in December and starts in January. So that is there big break. And since age is super important in Korea and the school system is the way it is, students will often tell you "I am a junior" when you ask their age. Since grade and age are so connected. So when they tell me I am a Senior, I say, "Oh you were born in 98?" So that is pretty fun.
Also skype next week. If it is possible can we do it around this time next week??

Our investigators Well we have MoonSungHo, YoonHaeYoung. They are a couple that came to church. He went to UCLA in college and thinks very positively about Mormons, but has a lot of doubts about religion. The mom feels like she needs faith now, so started going to Catholic church, felt it wasn't great, so to learn English they came to English class, after a lot of convincing from the husband. But now she got super interested in our church and is pushing the husband. She is stopping drinking coffee and alcohol. So yeah that is awesome.

The bishop's daughter's boyfriend's name is SongMeanGyu. He is a sincere guy, buy the girlfriend is pretty less active (not technically but in her heart and beliefs.) But because of the parents he is taking the discussions. So we hope he will take it seriously, get an answer and help his girlfriend!
Then we have James who moved yesterday to Canada...

Then there is HaRam. He is a college student who wants to practice English. But he is pretty open to our message. 

NoHeYong was a professional soccer player that now is making a soccer academy. He is doing the English program as well.

YoonSanHyup is a guy who came to Church after meeting him on the bus. We taught him the first lesson and he is very accepting, just busy.

We met a guy yesterday from Rwanda who's name is John. He came to Church once and just had a lot of good questions.

Those are the main ones that come to mind right now. WE have others that are harder to meet but yeah!

Companionship is good. Obviously some harder moments, but overall, no complaints. My Korean is fine. I feel like I can understand pretty well. But speaking is just not super natural. I can express my thoughts and things but just not easy! School doesn't end in May so this is just normal... hahaha
Elder Sabey

04302017 James is moving to Canada and teaching in a cafe

Well, highlights of the week... we taught the couple we have been teaching... but the father had to work late, so we went with the wife to a cafe. She talks soooo much. So we mostly just listen. I have started using the chalk board to write down what we are going to cover so we stay more focused! But we couldn't do that so it was mainly just listening again. But with the little we did say we talked about why God does give commandments. She asked "do people change as quickly as I have when they meet with you?" and I said "yeah all the time.... in Brazil!" No that is a joke. I didn't say that. But she has changed how she thinks about our church a lot. So we just invited her like we have a lot to test it out! Come to church, stop drinking coffee and alcohol! So despite the little we said, and thanks to some inspired comments by my companion, she committed to do all of those things. Well this week she was sick... but next week she is definitely coming to church!

I don't remember if I told you... but James is moving to Canada next week. So we just are trying to set him up for that. He is trying to quite smoking and we are sending him Book of Mormon scriptures everyday. So our goal this week is just to make sure he will meet with the missionaries in Canada.

I read some talks by Elder Holland that he gave to missionaries. So something I have been thinking about this week, is that this mission, and ultimately this church asks everything of us. God wants us to be fishers of men until the end of our lives. God wants us to work hard, be exactly obedient, and ultimately be perfect. The expectations are high, but the rewards are higher. I think I have felt that! I am often very tired, but the more I lose myself and work hard the more satisfied I am, and I can feel joy! of course I a far from perfection in anything, but honest striving brings joy!
Hurrah for Israel!

04232017 James, 5 K mission run, and great lessons

This week we were pretty busy! Which is great!

I think the coolest thing that happened, is the guy we met that visited the temple in Seoul, (we call him James) We met him again. We started teaching the restoration. He was super accepting of everything. And when we got to the Book of Mormon, he said, "I have been wanting to buy one so I can read it!" In my head I was like "WHAT???" So I naturally said to him, "Well we sell this for 20 dollars if you want one?" So we ate well that night! hahaha Jokes. So we gave him the Book of Mormon and talked about getting a testimony. He was excited and wanted to get a testimony himself. So then we invited him to church. He responded all excited "I can go to church with you?!" We said "of course" and he came on Sunday! He thought it was a little different and strange but good! So pray for him! 

Then another great lesson was with the couple we are teaching. They are currently more intellectually interested and say once they are done learning the doctrine they will come to church and stuff. So we felt we should go through the lessons fast. They also asked what a real Mormon lifestyle looks like. So we combined all of the forth and fifth lesson and wrote all the commandments and stuff on the board and talked about how these things define a Mormon life style. So now we have covered almost all of the material and can just focus on getting them to test it out and come to know of the truthfulness themselves!

Plus fun thing... today we have a mission 5k (I may or may not die...) and the kickball so that is exciting!

Anyway spiritual thought for the day. God blesses us to meet people who we can help, love, or learn from. So our job is to not judge, talk to people, and love them! Then you come to meet a lot of cool people and love them whether or not they accept the gospel! And I think this isn't  just a thing for missionaries. It is a life long principle!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

04162017 Coolest few hours on my mission

Well, this week we had exchanges! I went with Elder Lee from Hawaii. It was probably one of the coolest few hours of my mission. First I was on a bus going to the exchange.  A lady sat next to me. I talked with her and she was going to America in a few months, so I told her about our English program and set an appointment. I think that was the first time I set an appointment while first meeting with somebody. And then we were walking a saw a guy smoking. We said hi, and he stopped and talked to us. He asked us about our 3 levels of heaven and actually seemed to know a fair amount. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and a plan of salvation pamphlet. He saw our phone number and confirmed that he could call it. I said it was ours, but  I figured he wouldn't call so I asked for his phone number... and he gave it to me. (That never happens. If they have your phone number that won't give theirs.) Then we went like 20 feet forward. There was a tennis court with a couple guys playing. We stopped for a second and watched. I said wow you're good! And one of them called us down. So we went down and talked with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he wanted to read some at home, so he can see how he feels. Because more than the contents, the feeling is important. I was like, "yes! you are right!"  And then he asked for our phone number. We gave him it. But again we figured we should ask for his phone number and surprise surprise, he gave it to me! At this time we had to go to meet a guy I met on the street who didn't seem super interested but agreed to meet again. We met with him and he asked about the word of wisdom, temples, etc. He had even gone to the temple in Seoul to check it out, but wasn't able to go it. I was just kind of shocked that he knew a lot about our church and was interesting in understanding a lot more. So it was just a crazy few hours. 

On Sunday, a guy my companion met on the bus, came to church. And not only stayed for the full 3 hours, he also stayed for choir practice after church, even though he didn't sing! 
Investigators-- there isn't anything super exciting to share. I think people are progressing slowly but surely! The family, who father is a little more skeptical- the father felt bad for asking a bunch of questions and showing his doubts, and then he got mad at his son in English class, so he apologized and promised he would have a more open mind. I think he is opening up!

English classes are fun. I normally teach kids. So I just made stories with them in English. We make up characters and go around in a circle making stories. It is fun! P-day, we normally go with other missionaries and do something athletic or a tourist thing, or just rest at the house. Today we are going to do a combination of the first two! My comp is awesome! He isn't amazing at Korean but is faithful and obedient, so that is way more important.  My zone is great. I think we have an amazing set of missionaries, but we don't have many baptismal dates and investigators it seems... So we will see how it goes. My sense of purpose... I haven't really thought about it. I think I stay pretty focused on the work which seems to say I have a sense of purpose haha What did you feel your sense of purpose was on your mission?

However maybe the best moment this week was a phone call I got last night. There is one sisters team that is struggling with talking to people a little bit. I set up an activity where they can go on exchanges with other sisters and try different styles of proselyting. Anyway, they called me yesterday. And the trainer said the greenie "caught fire". And the greenie told me she got 15 pamphlets out in an hour. And the trainer asked to do the activity again! It was just a great call :)
So spiritual thought for the week, God does help and is involved in this work. He will not force people to accept the gospel or anything, but he cares about how we feel and wants to bless us in any way he can! 

I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder  Sabey

04092017 BYU Professor taught about Korean religions

Well we had zone conference this week! It was good. Definitely my favorite part was the AP's did a role play thing of different proselyting situations, once with Americans in English and then with Koreans in Korean. So the Koreans just had to copy everything the Americans did. So they would always pause in awkward positions with funny faces and the Koreans had to copy them! It was pretty funny, but at the same time showed how talking to people should be more natural and fun! We talked about problem solving. How in talking with people, teaching, learning Korean, we need to be involved in the process of problem solving. thinking about how we can improve. Why things do work or don't work, and just solve our problems.

We also had a BYU professor talk to us about religions in Korea. It felt like I was back at BYU again. His lecture was super interesting, talking mainly about Confucianism and Shamanism and how 100% of Koreans still practice those in some way. His whole point in the end was how all of these different beliefs do things that we can connect with and build on, like prayer, honoring and doing things for ancestors, caring about family, having order by seniority (like high counsels) etc. Super interesting. I don't know how much it will really improve missionary work, but I do think that it helps me understand Korea a little better! And was fascinating!

Sad news is that 2 of the people who had baptismal dates aren't really responding to our texts and stuff right now :( So we will see how that goes. But the family we are teaching seems to be doing awesome. They came on Saturday morning for conference... but sadly the electricity in the church wasn't working completely, so there was no internet. So all the members went home and watched at their house, so our investigators had to go home as well. But they came! We taught them with the relief society president this week. It was good. They have so many thoughts and questions about priesthood, women, sexism, etc. but are very willing to listen to our thoughts and are accepting. 

Conference was amazing. Maybe it is just that I am a missionary, but I really felt like every talk was amazing. My favorites were Elder Uchtdorfs "perfect love casteth out all fear" and Elder Christofferson's "the voice of warning." Any other favorites?
I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

Hey mom, random questions! Are Brian and Dia pregnant again? How is David and Danielle's pregnancy going? Josh and Sarah are not right?
Also I got the package! Thank you!!!!
Elder Sabey

04022017 Bishop's daugher's boyfriend

This week was another great week!

Highlight of the week was definitely meeting with our bishop's daughters and her boyfriend. So just some background, our bishop is a little scary and intimidating... and his wife is kind of similar... The daughter is less active, and I think pretty much what happened is the parents said, "if you want to date our daughter, you have to take the lessons and come to church." So we met with him once a little while ago and just got to know him. Figured out why he was meeting/if there was any real interest, but we didn't teach a lesson, so we started the lessons this week. The lesson went for like an hour and a half or so, with the daughter talking for 20 or 30 minutes about why she is less active and she was awesome at helping explain our beliefs. I felt like we connected a little which is awesome. Ultimately we explained the goal of baptism and gave him a baptismal goal in two months. It was just an awesome lesson, but on top of that the next day they came to gospel principles class (another first) and he found a picture of baptism in the book and in the middle of the class showed it to me across the table. It was super cute and awesome!

And a small miracle we originally had a lesson right after that one planned so we planned to teach relatively quickly, but work came up so he cancelled. At first I was of course a little disappointed but after the lesson with the bishop's daughter and her boyfriend, I felt like God's hand was involved, and gave us the time we needed for the lesson!

So a sister in our district took too much medicine and had a reaction and was throwing up a ton. She had to go to the hospital to get her blood tested and I helped a little. She called the next day and said the results came back and that she was going home... Long story short, on Saturday, she gave us a note... "April Fools" It was pretty funny. She was trying to get me back for a time when we played "Bang" and I convinced her to kill another sister missionary instead of me.

I am meeting with a guy from China, but yesterday we were supposed to meet and he didn't come or answer our calls... lame. He has a baptismal date... so hopefully things will work out! Yeah we got a new investigator. We just found him in our phone. Mainly English interest. But as we talked we found that he was willing to talk about the gospel and stuff! It was a great meeting!
My companion is just is willing to listen well, obedient, and hard working. So that is awesome! My zone is good! I think we have some amazing missionaries! The mission I think is the best is has been! I think we are more focused on what really matters. On finding people and talking to everybody despite the success or rejection. So I think it is headed in the right direction!

Well Spiritual thought for the week... I like how the Nephites take week cities and build those cities up to become strongholds, to the extent that people can not enter besides through the gate. I think that is super cool idea for individuals. If we can build our defenses to our weaknesses so high that it can only come in through our conscious mind, we will win the battle so much more easily! 
I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

03262017 The week of Mom's birthday

Well, Mom's birthday is in like 2 days right? I am so thankful for all that she has done for me! So a few memories. I remember one time when I kind of was a little mean to mom and she just stopped and said "what's going on, this doesn't seem like you." or something like that. I just appreciated that she assumed the best of me and was calm and helped me learn! I remember coming home everyday to mom asking me how my day was, and although my response was normally "fine." She was always there wanting me to talk! (sorry mom) I remember eye contact, meditation, workouts, first things first, etc. The great lessons mom taught us!

I don't know what I can do or say to thank mom for all that she has done for me. I know one of the best ways is to be working hard here in Korea. So I guess I will just tell a few of the awesome things that happened this week! But know Mom that my belief, my desire to serve a mission, and all the blessings in my life are because of you and Dad. I am truly eternally grateful and eternally indebted!

We are all doing well! My companion is awesome! Language is okay, but he works super hard and is so faithful I love it! My zone is great. We have a bunch of amazing missionaries! I feel like I have no worries! How was missionary work in India? Spring...There are a lot of Cherry blossoms, but it will still be little bit till they start coming out!

So this week we met Brother Daniel again. We talked about giving time to both sides. I talked about a movie I watched in French and Italian Cinema and about a scene I wrote a paper one, about this girl who rejects the modern boy and culture for the old. My companion told about another less active he worked with. Brother Daniel opened up a little and talked about how maybe it was coming to Korea that started the whole thing, because there is no connection to a community. He feels isolated. So we asked him what he would be willing to do and he committed to start praying every day again. So that was just awesome!

Then we met with MoonSungHo and his family. They had a lot of questions but when we talked about Joseph Smith and how our goal is to help people get answers to their prayers. She was kind of excited by the idea that she could get an answer as well! So that was exciting.

Then we met with our Chinese investigator and he doesn't have much religious background. So he is pretty open to everything. Anyway, we gave him a baptismal date and he is pretty open to it! So this week was just full of miracles! :)

So my spiritual thought is simple. Like Dad emailed me this week, God is leading this work. Yesterday I had a meeting with the stake presidency and our mission presidency, and I thought it was in a different building. We ended up leaving early, and I randomly checked the text about the meeting and realized I was going to the wrong place. Had to rush to turn around and go back to the subway and get going to where I needed to. The timing was perfect on everything with buses and everything. So I was only 8 minutes late! It really was a blessing! And we met 2 cool people on the subway while we were going to the wrong place! God is involved and leading this work!! Even when I am stupid and don't read a text completely! haha
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

03192017 Elder Taylor and lots of Elders who speak some Chinese

My new companion is Elder Taylor from Tricities Washington area. His mom is Taiwanese. Also we have two new new elders in our house. Elder Lam from Hong Kong and Elder Carter from Layton Utah. Plus two of the missionaries near here lived in China for several years, so we have a bunch of people that speak Chinese a little bit. I think God wants us to baptize a lot of Chinese people in this zone! There are a lot of chinese people in Korea and I do think they are more willing to talk!  haha 

Our zone changed a fair amount! But as I looked at all the people in our zone now, I feel like there is nobody we need to worry about. I think they are all super solid! I am excited for this transfer! My companion works hard and is obedient!

Well funny story for this week. On the bus I met these two guys that were about my age. Before they got off I got one of their phone numbers. I texted him just a little and he said his friend wanted to get to know me. So of course I assumed it was the other guy on the bus... So he sent me the phone number. Ultimately I figured out it might be a girl, but I was never sure and I felt awkward asking either one. So I just scheduled an appointment and it was indeed a girl. So we just met at a coffee shop. I made sure we just paid for ourselves and we just introduce our English program and got to know her. I think she mainly wanted foreign friends/maybe a boyfriend... but I think she realized that was not happening! Awkward but fun experience! I think when people realize what you believe and what type of person you are, they normally will respect and mold their behavior to match yours! 

Other than that, we had a lot of goodbyes for Elder Olson at the beginning of the week, and a fair amount of cancelled appointments at the end! I am trying to make studies more effective for me and my companion, so I am making a study plan for Korean/teaching. All that I am doing is trying to connect all the studies for my companion by learning words that he can use in a lot of roleplays that we do in companion study and teach in ways he planned in Personal study. So hopefully things will all start to connect a little! We are starting over with our teaching improvement program for our mission and just doing it the way it should be done! I really do enjoy teaching and educational ideas/theories of learning. I don't know a lot, but like it! I have been teaching little kids in English class, and I really enjoy it. It is exhausting, but fun. I do think I want to do something with education in my life!

Anyway, as I have been studying the Book of moron lately, there is one thought  I have seen a lot. In order to repent people have to be willing to do a lot! Whether it is giving up their kingdom, changing their entire life's beliefs, dying instead of fighting, etc. they have to get to the point of saying I will do whatever it takes. Then God will help them repent/change/gain a testimony, in normally a much easier way than they imagined! I love that. 
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

03132017 Happy Birthday Rachel

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

Sun 3/12, 6:23 PM