Thursday, July 6, 2017

05072017 Talking when I didn't really want to and seeing the miracle

This week there were some pretty awesome things that happened!

First a simple blessing. We were taking the bus somewhere and I had to reply to some texts, so I did that before talking to anybody. But after you sit down for a little it makes it harder to talk to people. So I was like... well now I only have a few stops left... but I knew I had to talk. So I talked to the guy sitting in the row in front of me. He started talking, and he asked if I was serving in the GokBanJung ward. I was like, yeah! How did you know it was in GokBanJung? He said he used to come to English class but doesn't have time. So I said we can do a different English program, got his phone number and will hopefully meet. It was just cool because after not wanting to talk, I just forced myself to talk and the first guy knew our church, missionaries, and was pretty willing to meet!

Next, we had 4 investigators at church! The first (I guess not technically an investigator) was kind of funny. This guy we all recognized, but couldn't place where we knew him walked into church. We said hi, but he just walked in an sat down. So I thought maybe he is a less active, or something. Anyway a member asked him why he came. He said to find out about the church. Then the member asked how he knew about it. He said "Elder Sabey." I was like shoot man, I don't know who he is!! So we realized he was a guy we met on the street. He was a little weird and wrote down our number in a notebook. And that was like a month and a half ago. But he came to church! The other is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend. And the other two are the couple we are teaching! So it was a very busy day!!

Also we had a mission tour with Elder Yamashita this week. He is a super energetic and fun person. I think he is my favorite of our area presidency.... (I'm not sure if I am allowed to say that...) Anyway, he emphasized obedience, and following missionary leaders, specifically our mission president. Understanding and following his vision for the mission. Just uplifting, fun, and meaningful.

So my spiritual thought for the week is from a talk I read by Elder Gong. How in the church "we each grow through our imperfect participation." So although we are imperfect, God had given me power and authority. God promises he will work through our imperfection and that we through participating we will grow! That is how I feel in this work and in this church!!

Fun fact about Korea. The school year ends in December and starts in January. So that is there big break. And since age is super important in Korea and the school system is the way it is, students will often tell you "I am a junior" when you ask their age. Since grade and age are so connected. So when they tell me I am a Senior, I say, "Oh you were born in 98?" So that is pretty fun.
Also skype next week. If it is possible can we do it around this time next week??

Our investigators Well we have MoonSungHo, YoonHaeYoung. They are a couple that came to church. He went to UCLA in college and thinks very positively about Mormons, but has a lot of doubts about religion. The mom feels like she needs faith now, so started going to Catholic church, felt it wasn't great, so to learn English they came to English class, after a lot of convincing from the husband. But now she got super interested in our church and is pushing the husband. She is stopping drinking coffee and alcohol. So yeah that is awesome.

The bishop's daughter's boyfriend's name is SongMeanGyu. He is a sincere guy, buy the girlfriend is pretty less active (not technically but in her heart and beliefs.) But because of the parents he is taking the discussions. So we hope he will take it seriously, get an answer and help his girlfriend!
Then we have James who moved yesterday to Canada...

Then there is HaRam. He is a college student who wants to practice English. But he is pretty open to our message. 

NoHeYong was a professional soccer player that now is making a soccer academy. He is doing the English program as well.

YoonSanHyup is a guy who came to Church after meeting him on the bus. We taught him the first lesson and he is very accepting, just busy.

We met a guy yesterday from Rwanda who's name is John. He came to Church once and just had a lot of good questions.

Those are the main ones that come to mind right now. WE have others that are harder to meet but yeah!

Companionship is good. Obviously some harder moments, but overall, no complaints. My Korean is fine. I feel like I can understand pretty well. But speaking is just not super natural. I can express my thoughts and things but just not easy! School doesn't end in May so this is just normal... hahaha
Elder Sabey

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