Thursday, July 6, 2017

04022017 Bishop's daugher's boyfriend

This week was another great week!

Highlight of the week was definitely meeting with our bishop's daughters and her boyfriend. So just some background, our bishop is a little scary and intimidating... and his wife is kind of similar... The daughter is less active, and I think pretty much what happened is the parents said, "if you want to date our daughter, you have to take the lessons and come to church." So we met with him once a little while ago and just got to know him. Figured out why he was meeting/if there was any real interest, but we didn't teach a lesson, so we started the lessons this week. The lesson went for like an hour and a half or so, with the daughter talking for 20 or 30 minutes about why she is less active and she was awesome at helping explain our beliefs. I felt like we connected a little which is awesome. Ultimately we explained the goal of baptism and gave him a baptismal goal in two months. It was just an awesome lesson, but on top of that the next day they came to gospel principles class (another first) and he found a picture of baptism in the book and in the middle of the class showed it to me across the table. It was super cute and awesome!

And a small miracle we originally had a lesson right after that one planned so we planned to teach relatively quickly, but work came up so he cancelled. At first I was of course a little disappointed but after the lesson with the bishop's daughter and her boyfriend, I felt like God's hand was involved, and gave us the time we needed for the lesson!

So a sister in our district took too much medicine and had a reaction and was throwing up a ton. She had to go to the hospital to get her blood tested and I helped a little. She called the next day and said the results came back and that she was going home... Long story short, on Saturday, she gave us a note... "April Fools" It was pretty funny. She was trying to get me back for a time when we played "Bang" and I convinced her to kill another sister missionary instead of me.

I am meeting with a guy from China, but yesterday we were supposed to meet and he didn't come or answer our calls... lame. He has a baptismal date... so hopefully things will work out! Yeah we got a new investigator. We just found him in our phone. Mainly English interest. But as we talked we found that he was willing to talk about the gospel and stuff! It was a great meeting!
My companion is just is willing to listen well, obedient, and hard working. So that is awesome! My zone is good! I think we have some amazing missionaries! The mission I think is the best is has been! I think we are more focused on what really matters. On finding people and talking to everybody despite the success or rejection. So I think it is headed in the right direction!

Well Spiritual thought for the week... I like how the Nephites take week cities and build those cities up to become strongholds, to the extent that people can not enter besides through the gate. I think that is super cool idea for individuals. If we can build our defenses to our weaknesses so high that it can only come in through our conscious mind, we will win the battle so much more easily! 
I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

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