Tuesday, September 13, 2016

09122016 This Week is the Korean Thanksgiving

This week was again fast. It was weird last night having to make calls again to get stats and stuff. Anyway, this week we had zone training meeting followed by exchanges with the zone leaders. It was really good for both me and my companion I think. It really had little to do with what they taught or anything, but I just thought again about obedience. So I made a list of things that I notice people often do that are not obedient. I read them to my companion and I want to read them to my district. We will hopefully become a more obedient companionship and district. It was a good day or two that I felt guided by the spirit.
In the zone leaders area there is an English branch, and we had a lesson with a family there. He teaches at the University of Utah Asia campus, and one of his students asked questions about his beliefs. Anyway, member missionary work is amazing. When members are willing to talk to friends and people about there belief, without feeling embarrassed it just opens so many opportunities. So keep doing member missionary work!
We also met with a man who is a new father so hasn't been able to meet for a while. His wife doesn't like him meeting with us but he says "I don't care, because I know you guys are all nice." haha. Anyway super nice guy with mainly English interest, but still I see potential there, so pray for him. His name is Song Young June.
And we are meeting with a new investigator today! Yay.
This week is Korean thanksgiving, so we have a special P-day where we are encouraged to do a cultural activity and then we also have our mission tour, where President Whiting will come talk to us again. (I wanted Elder Holland :( haha) 
My spiritual thought is just that I love the leaders of our church. I read Elder Bednars talk on why the church has old people guiding it and a while ago I heard a talk by elder Holland when he says that there are no people who he has met who are more in touch with the problems of todays society than the leadership of our church. Anyway, I guess I agreed with both of them so much and felt love for the apostles and prophets in our church. They are amazing men of faith and understanding. 
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

09052016 Slow beginnings and new attitude (And Happy Birthday Danielle)

This week was again fast! And again I am not entirely sure why. This was perhaps one of the worst weeks in regards to stats. Everybody cancelled :( So that is annoying. I am used to being in Seoul and here in Gimpo there are still people but it just feels that there are a lot less. Everything is more spread out, and without bikes we can either walk and not go far at all or ride a bus. I feel like the past few weeks I have been trying to figure out how to proselyte effectively and was a little frustrated with not feeling effective. Actually this morning during my prayer after personal study my attitude changed a little bit. I just thanked God for the opportunity to learn a new style of missionary work in a new area. I don't expect my frustrations or even stats to change all that quickly but I think it was a good start to changing my attitude which is all too often prideful and selfish.
A rose was I think our sisters are doing a lot better! They both seem happier and that is awesome :)
Also I somehow misplaced or had 20$ get stolen.

Also Happy Birthday Danielle!!! I am so happy you are a part of my family :) Some memories of Danielle are as follows. First, I remember when she said I was her favorite brother in law... (I am pretty sure that one happened.) Second, I remember visiting them in Boston and just hanging out and talking while we waited for the graduation ceremony to start. I just felt like Danielle was so fun and easy to talk with. Next I remember just Danielle's laugh. It is so uplifting and contagious. Last but not least I just remember David saying some things he loves about you and his experience dating you. You are kind, easy to talk to, smart, confident, etc. So you are pretty awesome basically.

My spiritual thought comes from 2 conferences ago. I read two talks both of which were about commandments. The first told the story of the surfers wanting to go past the barrier, but came to find out that there were sharks feeding on the other side of the barrier. The other talked about a grandma trying to have her grandchild keep her seat belt on. In the end, explaining the "commandment" helped the child want to keep it. So my thought is that we must first show faith in keeping commandments. Normally then we come to know why we were asked to keep them. However, I also think trying to figure out why we were given commandments is really important. So to me faith is a combination of 2 things. Just trusting and then searching for answers. That combination will eventually bring answers.
Hurrah for Israel
Hurrah for commandments!


Elder Sabey