Thursday, July 6, 2017

03192017 Elder Taylor and lots of Elders who speak some Chinese

My new companion is Elder Taylor from Tricities Washington area. His mom is Taiwanese. Also we have two new new elders in our house. Elder Lam from Hong Kong and Elder Carter from Layton Utah. Plus two of the missionaries near here lived in China for several years, so we have a bunch of people that speak Chinese a little bit. I think God wants us to baptize a lot of Chinese people in this zone! There are a lot of chinese people in Korea and I do think they are more willing to talk!  haha 

Our zone changed a fair amount! But as I looked at all the people in our zone now, I feel like there is nobody we need to worry about. I think they are all super solid! I am excited for this transfer! My companion works hard and is obedient!

Well funny story for this week. On the bus I met these two guys that were about my age. Before they got off I got one of their phone numbers. I texted him just a little and he said his friend wanted to get to know me. So of course I assumed it was the other guy on the bus... So he sent me the phone number. Ultimately I figured out it might be a girl, but I was never sure and I felt awkward asking either one. So I just scheduled an appointment and it was indeed a girl. So we just met at a coffee shop. I made sure we just paid for ourselves and we just introduce our English program and got to know her. I think she mainly wanted foreign friends/maybe a boyfriend... but I think she realized that was not happening! Awkward but fun experience! I think when people realize what you believe and what type of person you are, they normally will respect and mold their behavior to match yours! 

Other than that, we had a lot of goodbyes for Elder Olson at the beginning of the week, and a fair amount of cancelled appointments at the end! I am trying to make studies more effective for me and my companion, so I am making a study plan for Korean/teaching. All that I am doing is trying to connect all the studies for my companion by learning words that he can use in a lot of roleplays that we do in companion study and teach in ways he planned in Personal study. So hopefully things will all start to connect a little! We are starting over with our teaching improvement program for our mission and just doing it the way it should be done! I really do enjoy teaching and educational ideas/theories of learning. I don't know a lot, but like it! I have been teaching little kids in English class, and I really enjoy it. It is exhausting, but fun. I do think I want to do something with education in my life!

Anyway, as I have been studying the Book of moron lately, there is one thought  I have seen a lot. In order to repent people have to be willing to do a lot! Whether it is giving up their kingdom, changing their entire life's beliefs, dying instead of fighting, etc. they have to get to the point of saying I will do whatever it takes. Then God will help them repent/change/gain a testimony, in normally a much easier way than they imagined! I love that. 
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

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