Thursday, July 6, 2017

04232017 James, 5 K mission run, and great lessons

This week we were pretty busy! Which is great!

I think the coolest thing that happened, is the guy we met that visited the temple in Seoul, (we call him James) We met him again. We started teaching the restoration. He was super accepting of everything. And when we got to the Book of Mormon, he said, "I have been wanting to buy one so I can read it!" In my head I was like "WHAT???" So I naturally said to him, "Well we sell this for 20 dollars if you want one?" So we ate well that night! hahaha Jokes. So we gave him the Book of Mormon and talked about getting a testimony. He was excited and wanted to get a testimony himself. So then we invited him to church. He responded all excited "I can go to church with you?!" We said "of course" and he came on Sunday! He thought it was a little different and strange but good! So pray for him! 

Then another great lesson was with the couple we are teaching. They are currently more intellectually interested and say once they are done learning the doctrine they will come to church and stuff. So we felt we should go through the lessons fast. They also asked what a real Mormon lifestyle looks like. So we combined all of the forth and fifth lesson and wrote all the commandments and stuff on the board and talked about how these things define a Mormon life style. So now we have covered almost all of the material and can just focus on getting them to test it out and come to know of the truthfulness themselves!

Plus fun thing... today we have a mission 5k (I may or may not die...) and the kickball so that is exciting!

Anyway spiritual thought for the day. God blesses us to meet people who we can help, love, or learn from. So our job is to not judge, talk to people, and love them! Then you come to meet a lot of cool people and love them whether or not they accept the gospel! And I think this isn't  just a thing for missionaries. It is a life long principle!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

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