Monday, March 6, 2017

03062017 Elder Holland Had Me Raise My Hand

So Mom did ask if I ever was in the same room as Elder Holland. So I maybe didn't say this last week. But the missionary meeting he shook  all of our hands. And he remembered I was from Littleton Colorado and told a story about somebody from there and had me raise my hand! Yeah, what can I say, I am pretty special! hahahaha. 

Well this week was good! A few of the highlights. One we had interviews in our apartments with president. It was good. I think they enjoyed being in our house, and we were the last of the day for them so I think they were relaxed and just chill. I felt like they felt they didn't have worries in our home or with us, so it just was a fun and uplifting hour or so.

There was a guy who the elders before had met with. His name is EeSangUm. He went to Europe for a month, and just got back. His life goal is to find out how to be happy and share it with others. How awesome is that? So we talked about the plan of salvation. I told him how he can test God and find out if our teachings are true and gave him a soft baptismal date. If by the end of the test, he feels like God exists, he said he would get baptized. So that was super exciting. :)

We are finding and going through lots of investigators. I feel like we have a more solid group now though! Also a family that was in my first ward, just moved into my ward down here, so that was super exciting! The mom was companions with Brenda Sabey? And the son I think has connection with me for whatever reason.

Last cool moment this week. I was waiting for a subway and this grandma was sitting on the bench. She signaled to me to sit next to her. I sat down and started to talk to her. Just asked a little about her. She ended up telling me how lonely she was. She had come across from North Korea in the night when the war was starting and her whole family is in North Korea. She has no contact with them ext. She kept taking her cross necklace and kissing it. It was really sweet. Then on the train she kept looking and me, so I went and talked to her just a little more. Just a moment of connection that was beautiful!

This week I have been thinking about honesty. With several people I have talked to the theme seemed to come up. The AP from the Pusan mission just got home and is in our ward. So we talked a little. And he talked about how the key to success is knowing what you are good at. And knowing what your ward is good at. Honestly doing what you are good at. Then I was reading in the scriptures how we need to see ourselves as we truly are, even less than the dust of the earth. And I thought of something Elder Bednar said. How if we ask God to see who we truly are, it is brutal (but ultimately good.) Anyway I just have been seeing missionaries who I don't think are being self honest. And more than anything it is a little sad to see. But the more we are honest the more we will be able to progress and see how we can improve, etc.

The gospel is true!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

02262017 Elder Holland

Well, not a surprise at all, but Elder Holland nailed it! He talked about Nicodemus and the miscommunication between Christ saying we have to be born again, and Nicodemus not understanding. And he asked us what the problem was in this situation! We listed a little bit of our ideas, and ultimately he said. Yes these are all right. In short apostasy is the problem. And that is our problem, especially in Korea. We have to go to where our investigators are and bring them back to our understanding. We have to show them a piece of heaven so that they will eventually choose to come to heaven. We have to give them a spiritual experience in any way we can. Specifically with the book of Mormon. Anyway it was super good. Then on Sunday he talked to all the "children" in the church. How these 10 years from about 12 to 22 are the most important years of our lives, so stay close to the church! He talked about Christ's first day with the Nephites and how he ended by talking with the children and blessing them. he then blessed the children in Korea, and Korea in general. When he speaks you can just feel the power of his words and of his calling!

One other cool experiences this week. Part 1 We met with a Chinese guy we had met on the bus. He is just super nice, and our Korean level is pretty similar. So it was just fun meeting with him. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how we have found it a blessing in his life. We told him we want to share our beliefs with him, which have been such a blessing to us. So he agreed to meet with us! He also said he has no friends... so he can meet with us on weekends! That was cool by itself, but part 2 happened as well. He was coming with us to English class after we talked and there was a guy from Croatia who asked for our help because he was on a business trip and didn't speak any Korean. So we went to try to help him figure out where he was trying to go. So he had to help him figure out how to buy a travel card, but it all didn't work because he didn't have any cash. Ultimately he said he could go to the bank and get cash and figure it out. So we started leaving. But after a few minutes we just decided we would be a couple minutes late and make sure he figured it all out. So we wen't and for whatever reason they didn't let him pull out money from the bank. So we just gave him the 7 dollars he needed to but the card and travel wherever he was going. The Croatian guy was very thankful and I think the Chinese guy was also impressed. So it was just a positive experience all in all! I am thankful for a companion who puts people before being on time or other things I can put as the first priority! 

About my companion:  Well he is just a super chill person. And everybody loves him. So he just likes listening to people, or talking with them, or whatever. He just really tries to make people feel valued! In personal study I have been doing a couple things. I just finished the recent conference talks. Then I have been reading The Book of Mormon with a single question in mind, as Elder Bednar suggested. And then just this week I have done a little reading on the role of missionaries, ward mission leaders, members, ect. I don't really know how people responded. It was broadcast. Well in my zone we have about 5 super solid missionaries. So our zone is doing better than all the other zones by a long way as far as stats... but we still have some problems (pride maybe one of them.) I ended up not writing a little paper. I had no time and yeah... I may still write something. When I first went to Gimpo, we have a lot of the same people in the zone. We call it a Gimpo reunion. So it is fun, but there are some of the same problems happening. I tried to push the sisters and suggested we proselyte together, but the felt pressure and stuff. So I ended up having an hour conversation with them and I think they were able to understand me better! So I think it was a positive experience!

Anyway, I love you all. People really are the first priority. The gospel is true!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

02192017 Zone Conference on Repentance

Time flies! Anyway, this week was good! A funny experience this week: We were sitting next to our recent convert and he felt my companions legs which are very strong(he played rugby) and made a comment on them. So I flexed my leg and he felt it and said "you must of studied a lot, you seem really smart." So... yeah that was rough.

This week I went on 2 exchanges, both of which were awesome. The first we met with a guy who lived in America for like 10 years and his family still lives there. They teach him in English. He used to be very christian but one day decided he is deceiving himself. Long story short, we talked about testimony and I framed mine like a science experiment. Seeing the different results of a religious life and making conclusions from those results. So we committed him to do what the missionaries say for 2 months and if he see's the results he said he would get baptized at the end of those 2 months. It was a really cool teaching experience and blessing. I felt the spirit and felt inspired.

Then the second was with the AP. He is just an awesome guy. We weren't able to do all that much, but we talked a lot. There are so many amazing people!

We also had our zone conference this week, which I think went really well! It was all on repentance. Plus president talked about some things that I think our mission needed to hear.
Last interesting experience was a dinner appointment we had last night with a family. They are just super fun people. But they admitted that their faith isn't that strong. it is still there just not as strong. I guess they feel that they aren't always happy in the church, and that happiness is the point of life. So their first goal in life is to be happy. They have been in the church for 25 years, and I don't think the will leave. her dream is to send all 4 of her children on missions. So it was an interesting combination of faith and logic and doubts. Sorry I feel like my summary utterly fails to express the experience adequately. It was fascinating!

We are meeting with a fair amount of people and are super busy. no body is progressing a lot, but I will keep you informed as things move forward with more of our investigators. This week Elder Holland comes. I am so excited! 
Anyway! I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Sabey

02122017 Talking and being Real

Well I think this past week and a half has been a learning experience. This zone has had a huge focus on getting phone numbers. And the person I replaced is just a very sociable person. He just gets close with people so naturally and quickly. So I have been trying to do things that style and it has been cool! The basic idea is just be a real person. Always make sure that they know we are missionaries but just talk. Get there phone number and then try to meet them later, and that is when we talk a lot more about our church or our beliefs. And if they really are not interested, it is fine. They still think we are cool people and enjoyed meeting with us! I think it is the most effective method I have seen thus far on my mission. And as I have thought about it. It is something you can do for your entire life. Just talk with people an do not skip over the fact that you are Mormon. Conversations and questions naturally arise. And as we are sincere and kind, you can invite people, even people you do not know well, to learn more without it being forced.

Then my companion is just "chill." I am so impressed with the way he talks with people, missionaries, etc. He is just super awesome. So as I enjoy talking with him about things. He is thoughtful and fun, so it is great. So I am learning a lot from him as well!

This week was stake conference a ways away, so we had no investigators come to church. But we met with several people for the first time. The two that stand out in my mind is a guy I met on the bus who spends all day at a singing academy, because he wants to go into musicals. He is interested in our church and had some good questions. We met once to discuss his questions but because his dream is singing, he wasn't willing to met with us more, despite wanting to know more. Then another, who we met with was not super interested, but we just offered to teach him our basic beliefs in 5 lessons, and he agreed so we will teach him! It is interesting to see how people use their agency!

Anyway, I am enjoying life and am happy! The more I experience, the more I find I judge too much, and love to little. So that is a simple thought for the week. Christ loved much and judged (negatively) little. Way we all follow that example!

Elder Sabey

02052017 New Area SuWon

So my new area is farther south. Near SuWon. It is an area where we take a lot of buses. So a lot of apartments and stuff. Thus far it seems pretty great! 

There are a lot of good things already happening here and I think a lot will keep on happening. My companion is Elder Olson. He is from Grand Junction. He is a super cool and kind kid. Also good at basketball! We also for this week had a Korean companion who is waiting for a visa. He is supposed to leave tomorrow but we still haven't gotten word if his visa came through. He is also awesome. We are all good socially and willing to talk to people so talking to people is easy and people like us! There was also a baptism here yesterday. I just barely met him but he is a kind of poor man who had met the missionaries a while ago, but wasn't interested. They called again, and he was just prepared! 
I also did my first baptismal interview yesterday. It was pretty easy but still kind of nerve raking for whatever reason. No problems so that is nice!
We met a lot of people for the first time and have some new investigators but as I get to know them better and everything I will let you know!
As I have been thinking about how I can help the missionaries here, I have thought again a lot about consecration. I want to write a small paper about the things I care about in missionary work, with some the goals I want us all to be able to achieve. So many missionaries are great missionaries, but hole back one or two things. We all do that. But as we never rationalize, and have a "relentless quest for exact obedience" God will work through us. So that is what I want missionaries to understand!
Anyway, this work is amazing! I am happy and am working hard!

I am a zone leader, so I just want to write a thing to my zone about what I care about. Set goals and follow up with them often. So many zone leaders really have no influence... so I don't want to be that haha

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

01292017 Multi Zone Conference and Change in missionary schedules

New year!
Sun 1/29, 4:58 PM

01222017 Snow in Korea and Teaching by Drawing

I think we got like 6 inches of snow, which is the most I have gotten since I have been in Korea! It has been fun playing in the snow! haha.
More importantly, we had some good things happen this week! We met with an old investigator and his friend who was kind of a preacher. (At first I thought we walked into a bible bash... but he was a band member at his church, and was very willing to listen as long as we believed in the bible and that Christ is our Savior!) The old investigator teaches an English class at the local community center and has like 40 students. So we are going to go like once a month and help him with his class. And will hopefully start meeting with him or his friend soon here!
We also were on the street and this lady from the second floor opened her window and asked what we were giving to people. After many failed attempts to throw our Plan of Salvation pamphlets to here, she ended up coming down and got the pamphlet.   We are going to meet with her this upcoming week.
We also taught our recent convert and his sister. Because we wanted to keep it fun and more interesting for them we used chalk and drew out the gospel of Jesus Christ on the table. It was fun, because they got involved in the drawing and erasing and stuff! I hope they will remember it relatively well!

We also had an activity with the youth where they went proselyting with us for like an hour. It was fun to show some people what we do!

So it was a pretty good week this week!

Thought for the week- In church two of my favorite members gave talks. Both of them just were super kind and complimentary of the spouses. It made me think of my parents who are both just kind and complimentary! Then consider my companions and anybody I work with/ have contact with and I felt like I need to express my positive thoughts much more! Often we assume people know we feel positively, when they do not always know that! They is always room to compliment!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

 About President Donald Trump and all the protests: 
I do not like that at all... He won the election! Sore losers! My companion kind of likes him. As I have listened to him talk about the election, I am starting to like Trump more. He is still stupid and impulsive, but he shows that we are not okay with what politics has become. And even though what he claims we do know if he can do, he at least will try to change things, without worrying about what was done before, because he isn't a politician! So I want to give him a shot! Good for Obama! Koreans do not like Trump. I think most foreign countries do not, because he is unpredictable and puts America first. The companionship is going well! We all get a long pretty well! We do English twice a week! One for adults and one mainly for ward members' kids! The problem is that people don't like going to churches... So most don't even give it a shot! We do basketball a little. But now that it is winter we don't do it much. We don't have enough people to play soccer, so for right now not much we can do!