Thursday, July 6, 2017

05212017 Baptism

Well... not my baptism the other team's baptism, but it is still a super cool story! There is a lady in our ward who is somewhat less active. She calls herself and her kids "fake" members... but I think she does have a testimony. She and her husband have been living separately. But they are getting back together and in the process he asked for a priesthood blessing and that was like 2 and a half weeks ago. The bishop and the other Elders went and gave a blessing, the Bishop said he should get baptized and in like 2 and a half weeks he got baptized! It was crazy... I was able to do the interview. I asked if he had ever committed a serious sin... and he said "yes" I was like oh shoot... we are going to have to cancel the baptism and I was scared... Anyway he went on and said that leaving his family was a serious sin. It was actually a very tender moment. And he got baptized yesterday! 

Plus we had 3 investigators come. MoonSungHo and YoonHaeYoung and SongMeanGyu. So that was awesome! We were also able to skype you all which is always awesome and goes way too fast! And We went to the temple, for the last time in Korea. It was good as always! :) So overall just a good uplifting week! Plus I have started scheduling an hour a day planning what I will do you mom and dad and Matt when they come! lol

I have been starting to read the conference talks from this last general conference. I really love the idea of being motivated by a love for God not by fear of punishment. I feel like I need to feel a greater love for Christ. Any ideas on how to increase a love for Christ?? Big question I know!!

I have thought about happiness a lot as well! I think 7 is just a go to answer for me... hahaha. I don't think 10 is possible... Anyway and missionary work is not easy and there are always hard things. But there is a knowledge that I am doing what God wants me to do! So that is a deep satisfaction!  And I agree when we let go and trust in God, the result, and the stress often go away!! The hard work does not thought hahaha

I am excited to see your documentary as well!
 Love you all!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

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