Thursday, July 6, 2017

04302017 James is moving to Canada and teaching in a cafe

Well, highlights of the week... we taught the couple we have been teaching... but the father had to work late, so we went with the wife to a cafe. She talks soooo much. So we mostly just listen. I have started using the chalk board to write down what we are going to cover so we stay more focused! But we couldn't do that so it was mainly just listening again. But with the little we did say we talked about why God does give commandments. She asked "do people change as quickly as I have when they meet with you?" and I said "yeah all the time.... in Brazil!" No that is a joke. I didn't say that. But she has changed how she thinks about our church a lot. So we just invited her like we have a lot to test it out! Come to church, stop drinking coffee and alcohol! So despite the little we said, and thanks to some inspired comments by my companion, she committed to do all of those things. Well this week she was sick... but next week she is definitely coming to church!

I don't remember if I told you... but James is moving to Canada next week. So we just are trying to set him up for that. He is trying to quite smoking and we are sending him Book of Mormon scriptures everyday. So our goal this week is just to make sure he will meet with the missionaries in Canada.

I read some talks by Elder Holland that he gave to missionaries. So something I have been thinking about this week, is that this mission, and ultimately this church asks everything of us. God wants us to be fishers of men until the end of our lives. God wants us to work hard, be exactly obedient, and ultimately be perfect. The expectations are high, but the rewards are higher. I think I have felt that! I am often very tired, but the more I lose myself and work hard the more satisfied I am, and I can feel joy! of course I a far from perfection in anything, but honest striving brings joy!
Hurrah for Israel!

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