Tuesday, July 11, 2017

07102017 Rain makes out door contacting hard

Well this week has been good! We still have had a lot of cancelled appointments and people that are too busy to meet, but we got in contact with a less active that connected with Elder Han. He had never worked with a Korean missionary before. So we met him several times this week. We have read some scriptures with him and set goals to get him to come back to church. It is cool to see somebody who knows he can be doing better realize it and try to change! So he is planning on coming to church when he can, read a chapter from the book of Mormon every day, etc. Super exciting!

It has been pretty hot and humid and rainy this week which makes talking to people a little harder, because there are less people outside and they want to talk less! But we have met some cool people this week! 

Our companionship is pretty great this week. We get a long well. I think we have come to understand each other pretty well. I feel like the companionship has been a success this transfer :)
I feel like throughout life and throughout a mission I have come to realize how precious this gospel is. It changes everything. It brings a purpose to life. It expands our understanding. It turns us outward and upward. I owe everything to this gospel and my parents who planted it in my heart! 
See you all soon!
Elder Sabey

Thursday, July 6, 2017

07022017 Mini MTC

Well the highlight of the week might have been the "Mini MTC" on Sunday. It is kind of a long story but it was a little stressful and we got 8000 flyers a week before we had an orchestra concert thing at our church. So this past week we had to try to give out a bunch of flyers (mainly just to please our ward mission leader.) Anyway, we had the mini MTC after church and before the concert. So for like and hour and a half we trained the youth and then we went out with them and talked with people. The first part went pretty well. I talked about bearing testimony. And how it is important to bear sincere testimony. For example maybe you cannot say I know the Book of Mormon is true, but you can say I believe it is true, or you can say as I have gone to church and read the Book of Mormon I have learned a lot or felt peace in my life. Bearing honest testimony is important! 

And then I went out with the Priest Quorum president. He is going to be an amazing missionary! We got 4 numbers and as we started turning back I told him, let's bring somebody to the church to do a tour. So we started inviting people to come with us and an old came came. We gave a quick tour and he stayed for the concert! A cool miracle! Not to mention that it rained a lot in the morning and the evening but not at all during the activity!

School is getting out so these next two weeks we should be able to meet with quite a few new people. The way things are looking is my last few weeks will mainly be finding and meeting people for the first time, which is a great way to end! haha

One thing I have felt through out my mission is that there are so many good people. They are striving to do what they think is best. Missionaries are the same. Companions are too. So often we get angry or frustrated or any other negative feeling because of differences. But the more we see peoples desires/ true self the more we understand them and love them! I have judged other missionaries for disobedience or focusing on things that I deem less important. But the older I get in the mission the more I just appreciate other missionaries and understand and love the people we meet and the people who reject us. 
Hurrah for Israel!

06252017 Last Zone Conference Last Words

Last Zone conference~!


06112017 Baptism

Anyway this week was good! I really like both of my companions. The one that "needs help" I think is awesome. He is a little feminine, but I don't care. He is willing to work and is fun! It is also fun to be reunited with elder Hunsaker. This ward was recently combined. So like 3 wards combined so it feels american. More that 200 people come to church on Sundays is a huge building. And because they have so many people we have 2 ward mission leaders. One for investigators and one for less actives. The one who is over investigators is kind of scary... and them missionaries have felt some distrust from him and felt a lot of pressure. So we talked to president about some of the things he does and he said he should not do those things. So Elder Fleming and I talked with him on Sunday. It was super intense. He got a little frustrated but in the end we communicated well and ended positively. Then I went to SongMeanGyu's baptism! It was fun to be there and see my ward again! And I will go back down on Saturday for YoonHaeYoung's baptism! 

The baptism was pretty simple. It was their ward conference so they had a super delicious meal and then those who wanted to stay went to the baptism. The talks were simple but powerful. How this path is not easy but if you go forward you will be made into the type of person God wants you to be. The bishop was really happy and thanked me and the other missionaries in the talk several times. So it was just good. :) 

In my new area we are don't have a bunch of investigators but that is okay!! we will be working hard on finding!!
Well my thoughts recently have been pretty simple. Working hard is the key to most anything. Work hard to repent, work hard to play sports, work hard to find investigators. When we work hard God makes up the difference!!
Hurrah for Israel!

06042017 Last Transfer

My week was pretty good! We had transfer calls and I am getting transferred to AnYang! My new companion will be Elder Hunsaker again and elder Han. President wants me to help elder 한 with his attitude and efforts and stuff... So it should be an interesting transfer! I really do feel like God  inspires president  with companions and transfers, so I am excited for this last transfer! 

YoonHaeYoung will get baptized on the 18th. She also wants to get baptized with her son. So they both will get baptized! The husband said he still needs more time. Also we met with SongMeanGyu. He is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend. The bishops daughter is not super strong in the church. So when we met, Elder Carter (we were on exchanges) taught the last part of the lessons while I talked with her. She understands that this is a big responsibility for her. So I think we will proceed with the Baptism on the 11th. She is committed to improve, and she wants to strengthen each other. So for the next two weeks we will be coming back for baptisms!!! Pretty exciting right?

Well I am so thankful to be serving here in Korea. As I start contemplating leaving I realize I do love here. The people, the culture, and I hope I can do something to stay connected to Korea!
This gospel, if accepted changes people's lives. And would change the world. I hope all will honestly consider our message and that my life can be committed to helping this world accept its message!
Hurrah for Israel
Elder Sabey

05282017 Interviews with President

My week was good! We had interviews with president, and that whole day I did evaluations with missionaries which are good but not very fun. I went on exchanges with Elder Lee where we met a less active. He is kind of confrontational but enjoyed talking with us... So although he didn't like that his mom had us come over to talk to him, by the end we had to tell him we had to go. I hope I see him again! I think when we are passionate about things people open up! We talked about education and religion and stuff, but as we talk about things I was passionate he got involved in the conversation.

윤하영 and 문성호 committed to start coming to church beginning next week! We had an awesome lesson with them. They listened to a lot of what I had to say (which is kind of surprising...) haha They even asked what their son has to do to get baptized. I was able to express my love for them and they were able to feel it (I think.) 

I have been reading Ether. I love the Brother of Jared. Elder Bednar talked about the stones turning to lights. How after seeing enough evidence of his faith he couldn't help but break through the veil. I loved that. So I am starting a new plan called "operation break the veil" Where I ask for gods help with specific things every day. I also commit to do things everyday. So as I do what I committed to God to do, God will bless me and I will eventually have enough evidence to break the veil! (well at least see the hand of god in my life... haha) So Operation Break the Veil. Objective- seeing the hand of God. Pretty exciting right? haha I actually am excited!

Anyway i love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

05212017 Baptism

Well... not my baptism the other team's baptism, but it is still a super cool story! There is a lady in our ward who is somewhat less active. She calls herself and her kids "fake" members... but I think she does have a testimony. She and her husband have been living separately. But they are getting back together and in the process he asked for a priesthood blessing and that was like 2 and a half weeks ago. The bishop and the other Elders went and gave a blessing, the Bishop said he should get baptized and in like 2 and a half weeks he got baptized! It was crazy... I was able to do the interview. I asked if he had ever committed a serious sin... and he said "yes" I was like oh shoot... we are going to have to cancel the baptism and I was scared... Anyway he went on and said that leaving his family was a serious sin. It was actually a very tender moment. And he got baptized yesterday! 

Plus we had 3 investigators come. MoonSungHo and YoonHaeYoung and SongMeanGyu. So that was awesome! We were also able to skype you all which is always awesome and goes way too fast! And We went to the temple, for the last time in Korea. It was good as always! :) So overall just a good uplifting week! Plus I have started scheduling an hour a day planning what I will do you mom and dad and Matt when they come! lol

I have been starting to read the conference talks from this last general conference. I really love the idea of being motivated by a love for God not by fear of punishment. I feel like I need to feel a greater love for Christ. Any ideas on how to increase a love for Christ?? Big question I know!!

I have thought about happiness a lot as well! I think 7 is just a go to answer for me... hahaha. I don't think 10 is possible... Anyway and missionary work is not easy and there are always hard things. But there is a knowledge that I am doing what God wants me to do! So that is a deep satisfaction!  And I agree when we let go and trust in God, the result, and the stress often go away!! The hard work does not thought hahaha

I am excited to see your documentary as well!
 Love you all!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey