Thursday, July 6, 2017

05282017 Interviews with President

My week was good! We had interviews with president, and that whole day I did evaluations with missionaries which are good but not very fun. I went on exchanges with Elder Lee where we met a less active. He is kind of confrontational but enjoyed talking with us... So although he didn't like that his mom had us come over to talk to him, by the end we had to tell him we had to go. I hope I see him again! I think when we are passionate about things people open up! We talked about education and religion and stuff, but as we talk about things I was passionate he got involved in the conversation.

윤하영 and 문성호 committed to start coming to church beginning next week! We had an awesome lesson with them. They listened to a lot of what I had to say (which is kind of surprising...) haha They even asked what their son has to do to get baptized. I was able to express my love for them and they were able to feel it (I think.) 

I have been reading Ether. I love the Brother of Jared. Elder Bednar talked about the stones turning to lights. How after seeing enough evidence of his faith he couldn't help but break through the veil. I loved that. So I am starting a new plan called "operation break the veil" Where I ask for gods help with specific things every day. I also commit to do things everyday. So as I do what I committed to God to do, God will bless me and I will eventually have enough evidence to break the veil! (well at least see the hand of god in my life... haha) So Operation Break the Veil. Objective- seeing the hand of God. Pretty exciting right? haha I actually am excited!

Anyway i love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

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