Monday, February 8, 2016

02082016 New Years In Korea

I finished reading all the Christ/Plan of Salvation centered chapters suggested in PMG from the Book of Mormon today. I guess I feel like I know the ideas pretty well and those chapters are all pretty famous. Obviously I can still learn a lot more. But I guess I just feel like every time a read it I just feel again the awe-someness (awe inspiringness?) of the plan and of Christ's sacrifice. It truly is a perfect plan.  To answer some of mom's questions. Serving my companion: I just try to let him make as many choices as possible, where to eat, what to do on P-day, etc. because I don't care and would rather just make him happy than do something I want to do. We both do dishes some times. His family are all members so he has always been a member. His conversion as far as he has told me was kind of deciding to go on a mission and at the beginning of the mission just by having to really face the decision and seeing if he really believes. I feel Gods love the most probably when listening to or reading General conference (mainly Elder Holland’s talks) haha. Or just reading awesome things about God, the church, family, etc.

It is another New Years in Korea, the other holiday that Korean's can call their parents. So again Seoul gets kind of emptied for a few days. So we walked along the street for like 15 minutes last night and maybe passed 3 people. Yeah. So we spent some time making cards for the ward and it ended up being a pain because we had to print them and the guy there was rather unprofessional and took forever. He was sleeping when we came in and even when we touched him he didn't wake up! Then we laminated the cards and it just took a long time. Then my companion skyped his family. [The Korean’s skype their family on their New Years, not Christmas]  We also went to our bishop’s house again since each companionship has a new member. It was cool. Our bishop went to MIT. Smart guy! Their home teachers came as well as a missionary who used to serve in the ward. So it was an awesome night. We also had zone training this week. Other than that we have done a lot of street contacting and have met with a few potential investigators. So it has been a good week!
We have a multi zone conference this week for the holiday and then interviews with the president. So I am excited for this week.

Anyway I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!


Elder Sabey

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

01252016 Elder Yang is my Companion--Let Life Change You


This week I have thought a bit about what Josh and Sarah taught at a mission-prep thing and scouts one night. They basically said the best way to prepare for a mission is to let something change you. They said that a mission is so impactful to so many people, because people expect it to be and thus let it change them. But that is what everything in this life is for. School, sports, etc. They are meant to change us, but often we do not let it change us. So I guess my thoughts are connected to Dia's talks and Mom's thoughts that she shared with me. Having the attitude of an advocate or having a soft heart means we will let things (like a mission, or relationships like marriage, or school, or church) change us. We won't be proud and follow the status quo and not change. So that is my goal.... Kind of big but still.

This week was also really cold. I don't know degrees but I do know if felt freezing! My cheeks were freezing! But our house gets warm at night so it is ok! :)
Anyway I love you all. I pray for you.

I really like my new companion, Elder Yang. 

He works hard and really wants to make a difference in the ward. Our ward had Ward Council this week and set up goals and stuff. For the missionaries we are texting the ward every night so that the ward can pray for missionary work together (well at the same time.) We want to get at least 2 ward members at each of our activities. And then get a lot more practice lessons with members. So we made a list of about 15 members that are pretty solid and would help and will try to do just 20 minutes with each of them every other week or so. Anyway our ward is also making a push to do home teaching, which I think its previous percentage was about 0%. So basically I think our ward is "catching fire" a little bit.
This week as far as stats was perhaps my worst. We were really trying to get Handy to read the Book of Mormon straight through. I think it is hard for him, but I don't think he wants to admit it. So he kept asking for some other lessons like an overview of the stories of all the scriptures and stuff. So we did, but finally at Elder Swanson's last meeting with him, Elder Swanson really pushed for him reading from the beginning, he said he would but then called and said he isn't sure he really wants to meet with us much because he doesn't like that method, so we will try to meet with him either on Sunday or hopefully before to figure out how we can help him out the best. Other than that Jung Soon Eh kind of dropped us, Andrew is maybe getting a little more buy and Gang Jean He hasn't answered his phone recently. 

We did have a worldwide missionary conference, which is the first time in like 10 years. No big announcements, just reemphasizing the ideas they teach at the MTC. They said to treat less actives like investigators. And heard from several people too that we should treat all members as investigators. I guess I just don't totally understand what that implies. Thoughts?

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Sabey

These are some of the ward members--they are deaf.  There's a sign language missionary with them.