Thursday, July 6, 2017

04162017 Coolest few hours on my mission

Well, this week we had exchanges! I went with Elder Lee from Hawaii. It was probably one of the coolest few hours of my mission. First I was on a bus going to the exchange.  A lady sat next to me. I talked with her and she was going to America in a few months, so I told her about our English program and set an appointment. I think that was the first time I set an appointment while first meeting with somebody. And then we were walking a saw a guy smoking. We said hi, and he stopped and talked to us. He asked us about our 3 levels of heaven and actually seemed to know a fair amount. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and a plan of salvation pamphlet. He saw our phone number and confirmed that he could call it. I said it was ours, but  I figured he wouldn't call so I asked for his phone number... and he gave it to me. (That never happens. If they have your phone number that won't give theirs.) Then we went like 20 feet forward. There was a tennis court with a couple guys playing. We stopped for a second and watched. I said wow you're good! And one of them called us down. So we went down and talked with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he wanted to read some at home, so he can see how he feels. Because more than the contents, the feeling is important. I was like, "yes! you are right!"  And then he asked for our phone number. We gave him it. But again we figured we should ask for his phone number and surprise surprise, he gave it to me! At this time we had to go to meet a guy I met on the street who didn't seem super interested but agreed to meet again. We met with him and he asked about the word of wisdom, temples, etc. He had even gone to the temple in Seoul to check it out, but wasn't able to go it. I was just kind of shocked that he knew a lot about our church and was interesting in understanding a lot more. So it was just a crazy few hours. 

On Sunday, a guy my companion met on the bus, came to church. And not only stayed for the full 3 hours, he also stayed for choir practice after church, even though he didn't sing! 
Investigators-- there isn't anything super exciting to share. I think people are progressing slowly but surely! The family, who father is a little more skeptical- the father felt bad for asking a bunch of questions and showing his doubts, and then he got mad at his son in English class, so he apologized and promised he would have a more open mind. I think he is opening up!

English classes are fun. I normally teach kids. So I just made stories with them in English. We make up characters and go around in a circle making stories. It is fun! P-day, we normally go with other missionaries and do something athletic or a tourist thing, or just rest at the house. Today we are going to do a combination of the first two! My comp is awesome! He isn't amazing at Korean but is faithful and obedient, so that is way more important.  My zone is great. I think we have an amazing set of missionaries, but we don't have many baptismal dates and investigators it seems... So we will see how it goes. My sense of purpose... I haven't really thought about it. I think I stay pretty focused on the work which seems to say I have a sense of purpose haha What did you feel your sense of purpose was on your mission?

However maybe the best moment this week was a phone call I got last night. There is one sisters team that is struggling with talking to people a little bit. I set up an activity where they can go on exchanges with other sisters and try different styles of proselyting. Anyway, they called me yesterday. And the trainer said the greenie "caught fire". And the greenie told me she got 15 pamphlets out in an hour. And the trainer asked to do the activity again! It was just a great call :)
So spiritual thought for the week, God does help and is involved in this work. He will not force people to accept the gospel or anything, but he cares about how we feel and wants to bless us in any way he can! 

I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder  Sabey

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