Tuesday, June 14, 2016

06142016 Two in an apartment, daily schedule and prayer

Dear Family,

Now it is just the two of us in the house. Me and Elder Perry. I like it. There is probably less talking and stuff, which is to be expected with less people, but we can focus a lot more! Elder Perry gets a little stressed sometimes with Korean and everything, so we are setting some good companionship goals and district goals. We talked about being accountable to each other within the district, but we didn't have really any good ideas of how to be accountable to each other. Ideas?

We played soccer and basketball! And technically I am the DL right now, Elder Cowles was, but he went home so I am now. And the ZL's we text and call mainly. We had zone training this week as well. And went on exchanges with them

This week was pretty rough as far as numbers go, but it was a good building week. We have some good potentials! Plus we met with Adam, who said he just feels really calm and good when he is with missionaries and at church. So he has a lot of potential. We taught him most of the restoration and will finish next time, and give him a baptismal date. Then there is a kid in the ward who wasn't baptized at 8 I guess, so we will have to teach the discussions there as well. Plus we have a Chinese investigator named Han Je Sung. There is an awesome recent convert in Yeoung Dong Po who is Chinese, and he just finished his semester so he can help us teach. So hopefully this next week we will have more lessons and everything. 

So you might ask how we spent our time this week. Well is was super fun... Our ward mission leader gave us a list of less actives and asked us to go confirm their addresses (Korean's move a lot, so it seems kind of pointless to me). So we spend most of our free time walking around trying to find addresses without smart phones with a super confusing system that is now changed to a new address system. So that is fun. Although it really is just time street proselyting which I really don't mind at all. I like walking around Korea trying to talk to people and everything. 
So our basic day: we have studies and normally one other scheduled thing like district meeting, English class, soccer, weekly planning, etc. Then for the rest of the time we try to find people. That is basically what we do!

So my spiritual thoughts this week ended up focused on prayer. I was thinking about how I could feel the spirit more and just improve as a person. I fasted about what I need to improve. Ultimately I read some scriptures that basically say if you pray you will have the spirit. And so I studied about prayer. I realized my prayers are not nearly what I think they should be. So I am trying to be more alert during prayer and just express my thoughts and emotions more. Make it more unique from day to day. Plus I always need to focus more on others! So just barely starting that process of trying to have more sincere and powerful prayers, I realized really does bring a sense of peace more and I think will over time invite the spirit more fully into my life. So I am excited to try to get better at prayer!
Anyway I love you all.
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey