Thursday, July 6, 2017

06112017 Baptism

Anyway this week was good! I really like both of my companions. The one that "needs help" I think is awesome. He is a little feminine, but I don't care. He is willing to work and is fun! It is also fun to be reunited with elder Hunsaker. This ward was recently combined. So like 3 wards combined so it feels american. More that 200 people come to church on Sundays is a huge building. And because they have so many people we have 2 ward mission leaders. One for investigators and one for less actives. The one who is over investigators is kind of scary... and them missionaries have felt some distrust from him and felt a lot of pressure. So we talked to president about some of the things he does and he said he should not do those things. So Elder Fleming and I talked with him on Sunday. It was super intense. He got a little frustrated but in the end we communicated well and ended positively. Then I went to SongMeanGyu's baptism! It was fun to be there and see my ward again! And I will go back down on Saturday for YoonHaeYoung's baptism! 

The baptism was pretty simple. It was their ward conference so they had a super delicious meal and then those who wanted to stay went to the baptism. The talks were simple but powerful. How this path is not easy but if you go forward you will be made into the type of person God wants you to be. The bishop was really happy and thanked me and the other missionaries in the talk several times. So it was just good. :) 

In my new area we are don't have a bunch of investigators but that is okay!! we will be working hard on finding!!
Well my thoughts recently have been pretty simple. Working hard is the key to most anything. Work hard to repent, work hard to play sports, work hard to find investigators. When we work hard God makes up the difference!!
Hurrah for Israel!

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