Thursday, July 6, 2017

07022017 Mini MTC

Well the highlight of the week might have been the "Mini MTC" on Sunday. It is kind of a long story but it was a little stressful and we got 8000 flyers a week before we had an orchestra concert thing at our church. So this past week we had to try to give out a bunch of flyers (mainly just to please our ward mission leader.) Anyway, we had the mini MTC after church and before the concert. So for like and hour and a half we trained the youth and then we went out with them and talked with people. The first part went pretty well. I talked about bearing testimony. And how it is important to bear sincere testimony. For example maybe you cannot say I know the Book of Mormon is true, but you can say I believe it is true, or you can say as I have gone to church and read the Book of Mormon I have learned a lot or felt peace in my life. Bearing honest testimony is important! 

And then I went out with the Priest Quorum president. He is going to be an amazing missionary! We got 4 numbers and as we started turning back I told him, let's bring somebody to the church to do a tour. So we started inviting people to come with us and an old came came. We gave a quick tour and he stayed for the concert! A cool miracle! Not to mention that it rained a lot in the morning and the evening but not at all during the activity!

School is getting out so these next two weeks we should be able to meet with quite a few new people. The way things are looking is my last few weeks will mainly be finding and meeting people for the first time, which is a great way to end! haha

One thing I have felt through out my mission is that there are so many good people. They are striving to do what they think is best. Missionaries are the same. Companions are too. So often we get angry or frustrated or any other negative feeling because of differences. But the more we see peoples desires/ true self the more we understand them and love them! I have judged other missionaries for disobedience or focusing on things that I deem less important. But the older I get in the mission the more I just appreciate other missionaries and understand and love the people we meet and the people who reject us. 
Hurrah for Israel!

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