Monday, August 29, 2016

08292016 Companion, Stake conference and Joy

This week felt super fast. I don't know why. Thinking back, it didn't feel like we did very much. Most all of our potential investigators and people haven't been answering calls or texts and appointments have been canceled. We met with two older men who mainly just have English interest.
The sister missionaries in our ward are both having a bit of a hard time, so their relationship isn't great. One isn't super obedient I guess and one is a brand new missionary. So we made a transfer plan for our ward with some things I assigned them each to do and want to do some more proselyting together.  Our plan is in different areas, like getting a better relationship with the ward, so we are writing a note to each family, maybe starting a missionary activity once a month where they can invite their friends. Less actives, I asked for a list of ones they want to focus on. Then we will decide how to focus. English class, I asked the Americans to come up with homework we can give our students and stuff.   We play basketball once a week. That is where the others met the recent convert. So we play with him, his son, and their friends and whoever else comes.

We had stake conference. Elder Gang of the presidency of the seventy came. The most memorable part of his talk was the part focused on the children. He talked about penguins. And he said each time the sound the made when the walk. That was funny, but the funniest part was that the translator than had to try to make the sound each time he was translating. Everybody laughed. He maybe was a little embarrassed but kept focused and translated well. The moral of the story was that they all jump into the water together to avoid getting eaten by leopard seals. So we as members, if we are united as families, wards and stakes we can avoid the dangers of this world. Good message but also funny.
A little about my companion. He is a violin major, so he is super good. He has a crazy nice violin and case and everything. He is super fun. I am enjoying being with him. He is actually technically an American and a Korean, but doesn't speak English very well.  We usually speak Korean.

My spiritual thought this week is that losing yourself is really what is needed for joy. I think of different missionaries I know or people in life I know or have heard about, and when they feel like the church or missionary work or whatever it is doesn't fulfill their needs, they always become unhappy because they are focused on themselves. But when we just accept the need for obedience, for commandments and submit our will to God, doing what is good and right becomes joyous. I definitely am not great at that, but it is something I feel strongly about, and the type of person I am committed to become.
This gospel is true!
Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Sabey

Thursday, August 25, 2016

08222016 Gimpo is Big


This week has been interesting. We had to get my last area all ready for the new Elders and am adjusting to my new area. Gimpo is really big. We can still be in our area after taking a bus for a couple hours. So we have a book for a map, not just a map. haha. 

Anyway, it was good being able to say goodbye to some people before leaving my last area and sharing last thoughts with them. It was good. Thus far in Gimpo we haven't had too many meetings, they have been cancelling a lot. So not too much to report on my new investigators.

One miracle though. My first day here I complimented a guy’s shoes to start a conversation. Pretty quickly he just asked me why I came to Korea. I told him a little about our purpose. He said he had seen us walking around that area a lot and always wanted to talk to us. So he asked if we had time and we went to Paris Banquette and basically taught the first lesson. He said he would be interested in coming to church and English. He came to English and said next week he would come to church. 

 The area is considered really "country" but I am still living on the 18th floor of a building. Korea is like that though. No matter where you go there are basically only apartments and the like, no houses. There just isn't enough room for many homes with yards. And this next week we get to go help a brother with some farming I guess, which I am excited for—o See how things are done in Korea. 

My district has 4 elders 4 sisters. My companion speaks mostly Korean but wants to learn English.
I really am enjoying him. He is technically an American, because he was born in Oregon but he doesn't speak English very well, since he grew up in Korea. I like my new district as well. We have 3 Koreans, and the Coloradan from my last district moved with me up here. It is amazing how quickly you can adjust to a new life/house and everything. My house has no AC, which is sad. I had trouble sleeping the first night, since I was sweating all night, but now I am sleeping well!
Sorry not too much exciting stuff this week. My spiritual thought this week comes from this morning. A recent convert here JangGyoungSue has a 10 year old son. So the last commitment for him was to pray with his family. He texted this morning and said he finally prayed with his son last night. He just said he was happy and his heart was full. I loved that. I felt like that was the image of this gospel. People coming together in righteousness, specifically families. And the lord will always give those tender feelings of love when two or three gather in his name.
I love this gospel!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

Sunday, August 14, 2016

08142016 Crazy Transfers

We had transfer calls this week, and like the entire mission is changing. Both me and my companion are leaving, one of the sets of sisters in my district are also both leaving. Both of which will be white washed and training. And this happened all over the mission. The office elders too are getting white washed. I only know one companionship that I know that isn't changing. So this is going to be a big change. And next maybe two transfers we get like 40 new missionaries. So transfers are going to be fun for the next little while. I am going to GimPo with Elder Kim Jean Suk. That is where my second companion served for a long time and loved. So I am excited. I think there is an island in my area where we can see north Korea so that should be exciting! So we have already started but will have to do a lot more of just writing down everything the new elders need to know about the area.
We are leaving this area with quite a few investigators. So it feels good to leave it better than we found it. It will be interesting to see what happens with a new set of missionaries.
This week was a good week. We were able to meet with a referral for the first time and he is awesome. I also met with No Da Bean again, the guy who got baptized in my first area. I went on exchanges with our zone leaders, and taught some good lessons.
I gave like a goodbye talk thing they always have missionaries do, and one of the members really liked it. It was short and to the point. It was my last suggestions (specifically for the church in Korea.) That felt good honestly. He talked after me and referred to what I said a lot.
So all in all it was a good week. I gave my "last lecture" to my district. I really enjoyed that. I talked about how our ultimate goal is to become one with God. So then I talked about how the best way to do that is by becoming one in righteousness with others. Ultimately with spouse and children, but right now with companions and investigators. And ended with my two suggestions: always accept the need for rules and obedience, and never value being right over a relationship. So ultimately just be humble. As I thought about what I wanted to say in my last lecture, I felt strongly about those things. Those are thoughts that feel true and powerful to me. And once again, I thought of how my parents and siblings have impacted my thoughts so much. Again thank you :)
Another fun things this week is I read the Sermon and the Mount and the same thing in the Book of Mormon and just compared the few differences. Super interesting. The Book of Mormon is true. Again I felt that as I read and compared with the Sermon on the Mount.
I am excited to see what lies ahead!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey

Mom asked about how we get around:  We normally walk. But if we are far away we take the subway, or mid-distance bus. Anyway, the transportation is amazing in Korea, but we just try to save money and walk places. 
My district is great. But everybody is changing... Elder Perry is my comp. Elder Peterson is from Colorado, and will be in my district again next transfer. Elder Kim June is the Pianist who played Piano like a bunch everyday. Sister Hintze is awesome, from Idaho and goes home this week. She is super nice, and likes racquetball. Sister Djano is from the Philippines, she is super energetic and fun. I really appreciate her. Sister Tuaputa is from New Zealand/Australia and is like Islander. She is also fun and probably the most emotionally up and down in the district. Sister Whipple is from Moab. She works hard and is also super fun. So yeah there is the real quick summary.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

08092016 Two Weeks of letters in one post--Time is flying, Leading by Repentance and God's timing and purpose

Wow, Landon is home, I am on year 2, and my companion is at 6 months...almost. 
This week we had interviews with president. I always feel like they are too short. They are 20 minutes, but it was still really good. He got to know us a little, asked about the language and how we are doing and everything. No amazing insights. But I did really enjoy getting to know him and his wife just a little bit more. This week a fair amount of appointments cancelled and two people didn't come to church that said they would, so that was too bad. I also had two exchanges this week. Both with fellow Coloradans. :) They were both super fun. 

Two referral miracles. After we had a good district meeting, the sisters got a call from some member in another mission who had a couple that wants to learn about our church. So we were all listening and they got an awesome couple to teach. Then on Sunday after 3 of our investigators didn't come to church, a random guy sat next to us. His friend brought him and told us that he wants to learn about the church. So we took him to gospel principles and got his phone number and will hopefully meet him sometime this week.

Our mission gets like 35 or something new missionaries in the next 3 transfers, so like most of the mission will be training. So my companion is freaking out that he might have to train in the next few transfers. Haha. He will do great.

We have been sweating a lot. It is humid and so just walking for a couple of minutes you get pretty darn sweaty. I don't mind it too much, but my companion does not like it at all! Good thing we are in one of the houses with air conditioning.

My spiritual thoughts from this week. First is inspired by what Dad said, which inspired my district meeting. Dad said something like the best way to build Zion is to lead in repentance. I have thought about the leaders I have appreciated in life, and the one's I haven't. I think of the soccer captains that tend to be chosen. They are the loud, yelling, criticizing type. Or of people that if they are "higher" than others they feel like they need to expound there knowledge, because they were chosen for a reason. But then I think of the leaders that have impacted me for good. Those who admit fault, who don't judge, who often are soft spoken and just kind. I think those people lead in repentance. And through them, not those who yell, etc. I find a desire to repent, to improve, and change. As always Christ is perfect at that as well.
Lastly, the biggest promise in the Abrahamic covenant seems to me that his posterity would bless the whole earth. I love that as a promised blessing. It seems kind of funny. If you keep this promise, you will receive not service from others, but the ability to serve others. I guess my thought is that this gospel naturally leads to loving others. Thus that truly is a blessing. Hopefully that all makes sense. 
One last miracle. Just barely a random guy while we were emailing came and asked where our church is, and when we worship is and stuff,  just cool things like that are always fun to see!

Elder Sabey
Hello everybody!
It was a very warm week. In fact, so warm our mission president asked us to stay indoors on one day until after dinner. Also because it is summer vacation and everything almost all of our investigators could not meet! We had a zone training this week. Basically reinstated rules from president to president, talked about effective proselyting, and some about meeting investigators’ needs. It was a good day, I appreciated all of their thoughts!

Yesterday we had another companionship move into our house. One of them had a breathing problem and the heat doesn't help so they wanted him in an area with air conditioning and close to the hospital we normally use. So he and Elder Yates (my best friend from Pyeong Tech) moved in, maybe just for a week until the transfer ends. 

On Sunday we had the one referral come again to church and got a time when we could meet with him again. Plus a kid from our English class came to church kind of randomly and stayed for the whole thing. So we are going to try to set up an appointment with him this week as well.
Han Jee Sung was busy this week, so was Adam, so was Han Gyu Ook, so was Bak Jeh Uhn. So that was rough, but we met with Bak Hyun Oo the little kid. He now is very willing to get baptized and has a much better attitude about meeting with us and stuff. I really enjoyed it last time. His goal is to get baptized on the 28th!

Mom asked about eating out. We generally try to eat in once and eat out once. Although if people feed us or stuff we will normally eat out twice.

My spiritual thought this week is just a simple idea. Sometimes I, like most humans, question why God's hand seems to come slowly, or not at all, or not in the way we want it to, etc. I guess I have felt this week a gentle assurance that God's purpose isn't to fix my problems. He wants us to work through problems ourselves to learn and grow. But I have also felt this week that he is with me. Like Uncle Bob would often say. God normally does not calm the storm but calms the sailor in the storm. Because through working through our own storm we experience the opposition that allows for true growth and happiness.  So for that opportunity I am eternally grateful!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Sabey